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Cnicus has teamed up with Designwise Medical to advance feeding tube safety in children, please watch this video we created:



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Prevent complications and death from inadvertent feeding tube placements in neonates and children.

Current medical practices lead to inadvertent airway cannulation during feeding tube insertion. In fact, research states the error rate is on average 40%.

Where else in medicine would that number be tolerated?

A solution to the serious complications related to misplaced feeding tubes is needed.

A unique system for locating the distal end of a feeding tube in neonates and infants. A higher standard of care for the smallest of patients.

SurTube™ is formerly known as The Buddy™

• Minnesota Inventors Convention 2008 Silver Award
• 2008 International Federation of Inventors Asociation Scientific Value Gold Award

• 2012 Atlanta Pediatric Device Consortium People's Choice Winner
• 2012 Atlanta Pediatric Device Consortium Competiton Finalist

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