to safer feeding

tube care.




                The Estimated Cost for three Extra NICU Days for one
                                              misplaced feeding tube.

                     (this cost does not including physician fees, anesthesia, medications, supplies
                                                       and respiratory services performed)

                                              The STORY begins....

An infant is born at 32 weeks premature and had a feeding tube improperly placed in the respiratory system. The infant received 6 hours of formula into the right lung and developed pneumonia which prolonged the infants NICU stay 3 days.


                                                             Cost for 3 NICU Days

                                                           $11,340 (daily rate x3)

                                                             $606 (3 chest x-rays)

                                                          $1465 (1 bronchoscopy)

                              $1620 (12 respiratory inhalation treatments)

                                                              $870 (blood gas tests)

                                                          $435 (CBC and Diff tests)



                                  The STORY ends..... with a weak vulnerable baby.



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