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SurTube™ Testimonials

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"I cannot stress enough, the importance of testing the SurTube™ at this time as it is desperately needed to improve the safety of short-term feeding of children with NG/OG tubes."
Marsha L. Ellett PhD, RN, Professor Indiana University

"I am in enthusiastic support of your project to develop a device for accurate and reliable placement of feeding tubes in hospitalized children. I look forward to its availability as a clinical tool in the future."
David Steinhorn, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and PICU Attending, University of California, Davis

"The current technology of feeding tube placement can cause tragic complications in critically ill infants. To be 100% certain of correct placement would be a huge medical advance."
Amy Baxter MD; Pediatrician/Owner& Developer of the Buzzy

"There is a critical need for a device with the ability to expedite accurate placement as well as to document maintenance of tube location during therapy that is designed specifically for use in neonates and children. A device that can be used both in-hospital and in-home for children requiring feeding tube support will provide ideal consistent care across the care continuum. There are not currently any suitable alternatives on the market."
Andrea Kline Tilford RN BSN NPN; Faculty at Rush University School of Nursing

"Not being able to have a quick and more importantly accurate way of assuring feeding tube placement can delay the administration of medications and nutrition. Time is of the essence for any patient but especially for the pediatric patient. There have been times where I was not able ensure air auscultation guaranteed the NG tube was in the correct position. The patient's medication was delayed until an x-ray could be obtained. Luckily the delay did not cause and adverse event but I would like to avoid such an incident happening in the future. A device that is portable, compact and can accurately and safely identify correct NG tube placement is necessary for the pediatric population."
Christine Lutz BSN, Pediatric Critical Care

"I am both a parent of a beautiful, healthy child who spent the first 10 days of his life in the NICU and a healthcare administrator. As a first-time parent, it was terrifying to be told my beautiful baby (born 8 lbs 12 oz at 39 weeks after a healthy/normal pregnancy) was to be taken to the NICU by a waiting Pediatric team for an indeterminate amount of time. When I found out he needed a feeding tube, I was no longer the level-headed, advocate for the amazing academic medical center I had worked for over 8 years but instead, a nervous (and emotional!) mother. A part of me was so thankful I did not understand the risks of improper placement to the degree I understand them now. With that said, this new opportunity to safeguard one more aspect of healthcare utilized in an already difficult time is an obvious choice, from the perspective of both a mother and a healthcare administrator."
Lauren Mason, Mom and Manager University of Iowa Hospitals



SurTube™ Assurance for Pediatric Enteral Care

Do you know where the distal tip is located?




• No x-ray radiation

• No interference with implanted electric devices

• No metal weights

• No stylet



• Used for initial tube placement and all maintenance checks

• Simple Design

• Portable
• Designed for hospital to home care


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